The Arts Institute

The Arts Institute was founded in 2005, its mission being to advance and elevate the social prestige of art, support the exchange of information and experience between artistic fields, provide information and advisory services, present and promote Czech art abroad, and pursue educational activities.

Main Activities

  • The AI maintains the following web-based information portals:
  1. : a culture portal that provides up-to-date information on grants and opportunities in the field of culture, a directory of subjects operating in the field of culture, materials connected with cultural policy, and an overview of opportunities for obtaining financial support for projects
  2. a music portal
  3. a literary portal
  • It provides information and consultation on opportunities for obtaining funding for artistic and cultural projects from programmes and funds based in the Czech Republic and abroad (with emphasis on funding from the European Union).
  • It organizes the Artistic Residency Programme, which involves coordinating and providing residential exchanges for artists. The AI both Czech artists abroad and takes care of and provides local contacts for artists coming from abroad to the Czech Republic.
  • It processes projects in the field of cultural policy. In 2011 two research projects will be completed. The projects are supported by the Ministry of Culture (A Study of State, Structure, Conditions and Financing of Art and Social-economic Potential of Cultural or Creative Industries in the Czech Republic.). The AI has provided the institutional backing for the projects A Concept of More Effective Support for the Arts 2007–2013 and An Input Analysis of Current Relations of the Work Market with the Sector of Culture.

The AI has three independent sections devoted to the fields of dance, literature, and music, respectively. The music section is also the base of the Czech section of the Independent Music Council UNESCO – Czech Music Council (


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